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Essociates Group, Inc. was founded by forms professionals who are committed to serving the needs of the forms industry. This industry is composed of diverse companies and individuals with a variety of resource requirements. 

Our Mission Statement
To support efficient workflow and improved productivity, using forms as the catalyst for getting work done, by supporting all "forms" of forms: paper and other physical substrates, electronic forms, Internet forms, virtual forms, forms for PDAs, form templates (data merge), dynamically generated forms and more.

Our Philosophy
We believe all forms consist of four components and that all of these components (Intent, Container, Data, and Image) must be considered when developing effective forms. Our training philosophy is designed to cover all aspects of these four components, plus the important discipline of successful enterprise-wide forms management programs.

All organizations have forms management functions. These functions can be organized and managed, or they will occur by default (usually with considerable waste and expense) if not properly managed. We encourage all companies to develop a forms management strategy that includes paper, electronic, Internet, and virtual forms.

Our Tools
We provide services for companies regardless of the specific tools they use for design, analysis and management. Internally, we use OneFormŽ Designer Plus from Amgraf, Inc.,  and Graham Process Charting software from The Ben Graham Corporation.

Our Industry

The Forms Industry is an approximately $22 billion industry.


                               The Forms Industry - An Overview


4Business Forms Manufacturers

4Forms Managers

4Forms Distributors

4Forms Analysts

4Quick Printers

4Forms Designers

4In-plant Print Shops

4IT Professionals with forms responsibilities

4Commercial Printers

4Graphics Designers

4Direct Mail Providers

4Forms Salespersons

4Forms Software Developers

4Forms Consultants



The Forms Industry is supported by two major trade associations:




Business Forms Management Association, an association committed to forms and form systems education. BFMA sponsors the Certified Form System Professional (CFSP) certification program.



Print Services and Distribution Association serves the needs of forms manufacturers and distributors, and their suppliers. PSDA sponsors the Certified Document Consultant (CDC) certification program. [Originally, PSDA's certification program was called "Certified Forms Consultant" (CFC) and was sponsored by its predecessor association, Document Management Industries Association.]


Related trade associations include TAWPI, ARMA, Xplor International, and others. Go to Links for more information.


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