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“What may I realistically expect the dollars spent with Essociates Group, Inc. to be worth to my organization?”

Good question–and fair, too. We could remind you of the 1955 government study (Second Hoover Commission) that reported that for every dollar spent to purchase a paper form, anywhere from $20 to $100 (or more) is spent to use that form. Or we could point out that, typically, converting paper forms to electronic forms saves some finite percentage of the form cost. But, in actual fact, the simplest and most truthful answer we can give you is, “It depends.”

The Return on Investment (ROI) depends on many factors:
4 focused analysis--defining the factors pertinent to your specific organization
4 workflow examination--identifying optimal ways of streamlining functionality
4 improvement planning--implementing efficient and cost effective methodologies

The Optimal Format Configuration depends on what works best in your environment:


Electronic/Internet Forms

You may find that a mass conversion to electronic forms accessed via your intranet or the Internet may be warranted.



Paper Forms

On the other hand, your particular situation may be better served by a well-managed paper forms population.



Hybrid Forms System

More probably, some combination thereof will turn out to be ideal. A lot of that decision depends upon:

who will fill out you forms

what information must be collected and transmitted

where the information must be sent

necessary and appropriate connections

systems that must/may be impacted

what records must be maintained

at what speed it must all be accomplished


The Best Practices Approach--By taking advantage of the extensive experience of Essociates Group’s forms professionals, you hedge your bet, so to speak. You assure yourself that every pertinent potentiality will be considered, evaluated and weighed. You guarantee that the focus will be on what’s best for your organization, rather than what some generalized formula might suggest.

The "Givens"--We know for sure that:
4there are workflow improvements to be made.
4time and money are waiting to be saved.
4forms are the tools of your business.
4Essociates Group can show you the way.

The Solution--Essociates Group will help you optimize the time, energy and dollars your organization expends on forms and form systems. Give us a call; send us an email; let us help you begin to realize the benefits -- today.


Contact us at for more information and pricing regarding the specific needs of your organization.



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