Design and Mapping


The introduction of eForms and iForms represents tremendous opportunities for companies of all sizes to reduce costs associated with forms development, procurement and processing. Moving away from paper forms, or even simply augmenting your systems with non-paper components, represents a conscious evolution toward automation. 

Whether you elect to use eForms (individual executable files) or an iForm (accessed via a browser), the users of your company's primary business tools no longer have to be concerned about inventory or availability issues. If they have a computer, they have instant access to the forms they need to get the job done - if, of course, those forms are eForms or iForms. 

Using electronic forms, regardless of how they are accessed, also supports the introduction of interfaces with your organization's various databases and other business systems. For example, data may be passed from databases to the forms transaction, or it may be passed from the forms transaction back to the database, or both. In either case, content accuracy is enhanced and transaction time is improved. 

But before simply automating any form, a thorough analysis process is required to assure that the form performs optimally. That's where we come into the picture. Essociates Group, Inc. provides forms analysis, design and development services on a contract basis. We can create and help you to deploy professional forms for maximum savings. 

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