FIXPro Forms Management


Does your organization require distribution and inventory management for paper and electronic forms? If so, FIXPro® is the product for you.

FIXPro® is a workflow for print-on-demand, requisitioning and distribution. FIXPro® is used by financial institutions, print manufacturers, distributors, print brokers, and other companies where management of the production, distribution and deployment of a large number of forms is required. Clients include Fortune 100 companies in the U.S. and Canada.

Ironwood Computer Systems Inc. created FIXPro® to handle the specific needs of companies with a need to manage the specifications, revision control, approval process, distribution, manufacture, purchase and charge back usage for forms, documents and inside consumables. This process includes workflow for paper and electronic forms.

Product features include:

   4Catalog 4Print-on-Demand 4Print Job Specifications
   4Requisition 4Low Level Notices 4Charge back
   4Pick list 4Reorder Approval 4Form Use Data

Ironwood created FIXPro® software as a forms management solution. FIXPro® provides the End User with utilities for both physical and electronic forms distribution. Unlike traditional supply chain management for industries such as auto parts, forms can be both physical and electronic at the same time.


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