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Forms Management (is defined as): 
the systematic process of


increasing productivity and minimizing errors in information capture, transmission, and recovery through use of workflow analysis and graphic design techniques; 


providing administrative control; 


reducing procurement, storage, distribution and use costs through standardization; and 


ensuring the adequacy, business as well as legal, of all historical records. 

-- Copyright 1986 - Business Forms Management Association, Inc.


Careful workflow analysis, prior to designing the form layout, helps assure that the form will do the job it's intended to do within the business system(s) it serves. By encouraging adherence to design standards and administrative procedures (such as form numbering, version control, specification clarity, appropriate stocking and deployment techniques and periodic scheduled reviews), a forms management program repeatedly and continually justifies its existence. 

Large organizations may have hundreds, perhaps thousands, of different forms in use throughout their operations. These forms represent huge (and often not very apparent) costs associated with forms analysis, design, procurement, management, deployment, usage, filing, obsolescence and retention. As your business partner, a primary mission of Essociates Group, Inc. is to assist your organization in the development and implementation of an efficient and cost-effective forms management program. One bi-product of such a program is gaining control over these runaway costs. By streamlining forms-related workflows, we can also help to improve the overall efficiency of the organization's business operations.

It has been our experience, proven over the past several decades in this profession, that we can easily save any large company thousands of dollars of recurring costs by helping them to apply sound forms management principles. This is particularly true in the electronic forms area, where bad design seems rampant, often because Line Managers don't even think about forms until an issue, such as high abandonment rates from their eCommerce system, becomes a problem. 

Essociates Group, Inc. is ready to help you build a viable Forms Management Program (or to improve one that has become ineffective). Let's talk about it together.

Contact us at for pricing information regarding the specific needs of your organization.



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