Graham Process Charting Software


Graham Process Charting is the definitive tool for detail business process improvement. Graham Process Charts provide a picture of the process with enough detail to allow (and stimulate) common sense improvement ideas by the people who do the work. "By the people who do the work" is the key. This methodology has been successfully applied by thousands of organizations across the United States, Canada and beyond for over fifty years. It has accounted for BILLIONS of dollars in productivity improvement savings. The reason this methodology has endured and been so successful is that it has put the responsibility for making changes directly into the hands of the people who should be making changes -- the people who, day in and day out, are actually doing the work.

Graham Process Charting Software produces a unique brand of process chart. It is different in that it clearly documents all the manual process work as well as the automated workflow. According to a recent study, only about 20% of the processes can be automated. Manual work accounts for 80% of the total work processes! Do you want to document the "System" or do you want to document the work?

With Graham Process Charting Software, detail process charts are easy to draw, easy to edit & easy to read. Eight basic symbols cover all aspects of work at the element level. Symbols click in place on the snap-to grid on the charting screen. Objects are easy to place, move and remove. Lines draw automatically. Text can be positioned and aligned automatically.



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