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An energetic pair with nearly 80 years of forms and print experience, Ray H. Killam (left) and Carl W. Brannon (right) created Essociates Group, Inc. with a sense of perpetual optimism for the future and a drive for excellence. After coming from diverse forms industry backgrounds, Ray and Carl worked together in the e-commerce department of a major forms manufacturer. Together, they built and implemented an Internet-based ordering system that complimented the company's forms management system, itself designed and built by Ray and Carl.  After 20 years of working for a major consumer products company, Margaret E. Tassin joined the duo in 2005, bringing an end user and customer perspective.  Her forms and printing background in a non-forms industry give her a different view and a wealth of experiences to assist clients.

Carl W. Brannon passed away in 2009, leaving a deep legacy of forms materials and innovation. Margaret's company, Forms Doc LLC, remains associated with Essociates Group, keeping intact the experience and capabilities of the original company.



Ray H. Killam, President & CEO of Essociates Group, Inc., established Essociates Group, a consulting company that provides delivery of forms services to their clients. In addition, the opportunity to team up with Margaret again was just too good to pass up. And team up they have--right in the middle of the burgeoning forms management industry.


Margaret E. Tassin, President of Forms Doc, LLC, has worked on both sides of the desk, as a forms outsource provider and as an in-house forms manager.  Working with clients and providing service to get them what they need, not just what they want, is paramount.  Margaret says that effectively using technology and applying our collective work experience are keys to differentiating Essociates Group in the marketplace.


Secure in the establishment of Essociates Group, Inc. and its commitment to the mission of providing excellent and efficient services and information to the forms industry, Ray Killam and Margaret Tassin represent a vital resource for what every organization needs as its business partner.


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