Meet Our Instructors

Essociates Group, Inc. seeks the most qualified instructors for each of the classes we offer. Each instructor is a recognized expert in her/his field, with years of experience and prior teaching experience. We are proud of the quality and commitment they bring to our Enstruction Series.

Enstruction Series is the training we provide on a variety of forms-related topics across the United States and Canada. Most of these classes have been endorsed by the Business Forms Management Association as a part of the on-going effort to provide members with quality forms and form systems education. The Best Practices in Forms Management class is designed tp provide a thorough survey of all significant forms management issues. The Forms Training Online series provides in-depth "how to" instruction on many forms managemnt and forms development tasks.

Essociates Group can provide your organization with customized training on most forms-related subjects. Contact Us for additional information. 



Ray H. Killam

Margaret E. Tassin



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