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In today's environment, forms software is an essential tool for forms professionals. Virtually all forms are digital at some point and many remain digital throughout their entire life cycle. The proper tools required to manage this process are important.

Many forms are created using general purpose software, such as Microsoft® Word and Excel, publishing software such as QuarkXPress® and PageMaker®, and web authoring tools such as Macromedia Dreamweaver® and Adobe® GoLive®. Frequently, such software is used because it is all the designer has available. This is generally a bad idea.

Specialized software has been developed specifically for forms development and deployment. Such software generally has much more robust drawing tools, forms-specific tools such as captioning, boxes, and alignment, and proper field mapping utilities. In addition, most forms software generates code for container display and required server scripts. To be effective, particularly when managing a large forms population, forms professionals need proper forms tools.

Essociates Group, Inc. is a reseller for selected software tools that are proven to be effective for forms design, forms management, and forms analysis. We are proud to represent the following:

OneForm® Designer Plus

FIXPro® Forms Management

Graham Process Charting Software



There are other effective tools and Essociates Group works with customers who choose such tools. Our clients use a variety of software. Click here to request pricing.


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