Our consulting clients say . . .

"The database, the manual, the revised forms you assisted us with, and the (forms) library are all deliverables right on track with our needs!"

"Outstanding! Thanks, again, for offering to "re-engineer" the document and to turn it into a more meaningful product for us."

"Your time with us was very valuable, and I can't thank you enough for coming in and working with and meeting with our customers. Your presence and the work products you have delivered provide a great credibility for our Forms Program!"

Our training class attendees say . . .

"The class was excellent. The speaker was very effective and highly knowledgeable."

"Wonderful class."

"Excellent class; should be offered to every one in our section as a requirement!"

"Thank you. It really helped to reinforce some areas and to remind me why we do certain things. It gave me confidence and motivation to learn eForms and iForms."

"Excellent class. I only wish all of (my company) could understand the importance of forms management."

"I received a lot of good ideas to take back and discuss with co-workers and clients."


"Excellent course - Well structured - Instructor well qualified - Knowledgeable"

"Great class!"



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