Workflow Analysis

Workflow Analysis is the detailed examination of the sequence of steps or operations (automated or manual) used in a process that is subject to specified business rules.


The entire process to be served by a form, or a group of forms, needs to be thoroughly understood. In the same way one needs to know the purpose of a new business system before it is developed or purchased and installed, one also needs to know what purpose a form tool is to serve within the system(s) where it is to be used. Otherwise, designing one or more arbitrary form tools could turn out to be a waste of time.


Knowing the form's process and purpose (workflow) means understanding:
4who fills in the form
4where and under what conditions they will fill in the form
4equipment used to complete the form (pen, pencil, computer, etc.)
4error/Incomplete information detection and correction parameters
4how and to whom the information collected is transmitted (by hand, Internet, fax, email, mail)
4system(s) to be interfaced
4appropriate routing and/or copy distribution
4security, filing, legal and retention requirements involved; and
4any other information pertinent to the form's appropriate use and function


Understanding all this defines and refines the workflow. And using this analysis as the basis for designing the form assures the business system will be complemented by the form.


Essociates Group, Inc. consultants will help you to understand existing workflow, identify specific opportunities for process improvements and implement any necessary changes.


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