Information Technology


Most forms programs today include electronic and Internet forms. These forms are generally developed with cooperation among forms professionals and Information Processing (IT) professionals. They frequently use a variety of programming languages and techniques, including Visual Basic, VB script, JavaScript, HTML, PERL, ASP and more.

There is a definite trend in many organizations to assign forms development responsibility to the IT Department. The continued growth of eForms and iForms, as well as eCommerce and eGovernment, will accelerate these changes in organization.

This section contains definitions, articles, white papers, examples, sample code, vendor articles and more -- designed to de-mystify IT and improve skills and communications for forms developers and IT personnel.

Confused by all the jargon? In his article, The Many Languages of Internet Forms, Franklin Garner, President of Amgraf, Inc. explains common web technologies and shows examples of each in the accompanying iForms Languages Examples.


We recommend you view The Many Languages of Internet Forms first and then go to the iForms Languages Examples.

Building an Efficient Forms Portal presentation, and accompanying article, provides an insight into forms deployment.




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