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Essociates Group, Inc. serves the forms industry by providing our business and government clients an experienced consultation resource offering expertise in developing and improving the workflow of forms-related processes. 

We help your organization manage your forms in a cost effective way designed to maximize workflow productivity. We'll help you determine whether eForms (electronic forms - often with intelligence added), or iForms (Internet forms), or a combination that also includes existing pForms (traditional paper forms) will best serve your needs. 

Beginning with a forms assessment study (which will include improvement recommendations), we'll help you to develop and implement an effective eForms strategy designed to save you money. Our study may include, among other considerations, program design requirements, project objectives, technologies to be used, parameters for forms development, user acceptance, return-on-investment calculations, and business advantages. Where appropriate, we can also help you to build a forms portal to enhance user access to your forms.

Important points to remember:


Forms are the lifeblood of all business endeavors, large or small. Forms provide structure to business transactions, keep a record of those transactions, and facilitate communications.


Many forms should be electronic. Some may start out as paper, but be converted to electronic at some point. Still others will exist only on paper, or perhaps in both formats. We'll help you define the differences.


The goal isn't to eliminate paper forms, but to support your workflow in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Essociates Group focuses its Products and Services on four areas:


Consulting Services


Software Solutions


Forms Training for Forms Professionals


Information Resources for the Forms Community


Consulting Services include workflow analyses; forms management program development; eForms, iForms and pForms design and deployment; and establishment of forms portals.

Software Solutions offer specific selected products like OneFormŽ Designer Plus from Amgraf, Inc.; Form Center forms management database.; Graham Process Charting software; as well as other software products you may need.

Forms Training provides our clients with the latest, state-of-the-art courses from our expert instructors through the Enstruction Series Forms-based training courses. General topics such as Understanding Forms: A Complete Guide for Design and Management are supplemented with targeted topics like Best Practices in Forms Management and Forms Training Online. Register on-line for these courses.

Information Resources including a Current Feature industry article, Hints for Better Forms, up-to-date news in Entelligence Report, a Calendar of Events and industry Links are made available FREE through the main web site.


Enformation Central, our members-only knowledge base, opens the door to an expanded world of pertinent information with special value to the forms community.

For more detailed information, including our corporate philosophy, go to About Us.




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